Off The Hook Barbeque Sauce

Better Than Best, It’s Off The Hook!

Off The Hook Barbeque Sauce is a unique North Carolina BBQ Sauce that’s tangy and savory, with a touch of peppery spice. Unlike other tomato-vinegar barbecue sauces, Off The Hook is not too sweet – instead, this is a bold, robust and full-flavored savory sauce, thanks to the addition of worcestershire sauce. The rich flavor makes it ideal for pork, beef and venison, but it’s also delicious with chicken and fish.

Off The Hook BBQ Sauce works well as a marinade because the vinegar allows the flavors of the sauce to penetrate the meat. And of course, it’s also great for basting and mopping as you grill, splashing on pulled pork barbecue, and serving on the side as a dipping sauce. Made from an old family recipe, Off the Hook Barbeque Sauce is sure to become a favorite of your family!