I have been around the world and the best sauce I have used on MANY occasions is Off The Hook BBQ Sauce. A great family recipe, just try it and you will believe it too! 

Chad Largent
Spokane, Washington

A truly tantalizing sauce, with just the right finish kick.  I have used it on everything from fish to turkey (A Delicious BBQ’D Bird).  I have given this speci sauce to several friends, and they all agree.  This really is “OFF THE HOOK!”

R. Broome

Our family loves Off The Hook!  We use it every time we grll.  Geat on pork and chicken, but we really love it on fish!

Tom & Kim

Growing up my mom always barbecued chicken with our neighbor’s family recipe sauce.  We also put it on everything else including baked potatoes and Wheat Thins.  Now that I don’t have time to make my own from scratch I was trilled that our neighbor’s family is now bottling it! And I’ve found that it is amazing on ribs and pork chops, too!

Anna Jones

What can I say about OFF THEHOOK???
If you haven’t tried OFF THE HOOK you are truley missing out.  As a true North Carolinian, I have tried many sauces and I can honestly say that OFF THE HOOK is my favorite.  I now live in New Orleans, Louisiana, a true mecca for food, and I have not found anything that compares to OFF THE HOOK.  OFF THE HOOK is great on barbecue, chicken, even fish.  It’s not that sweet syrupy stuff people slop all over their food, it has a wonderful kick that goes well on anything.  You can use it as a pour on sauce or even as a marinade.  Your stomach will thank you for it.  I promise!!!

Eddie Lanier
New Orleans,LA

Off The Hook BBQ Sauce is used on just about everything that comes off our grill.  Even my ten year old likes it.

J. Brantley
Mt. Pleasant,SC

Being raised in the mountains of North Carolina where we grew our own pork and beef gave me a lot of opportunity to eat some of the finest organic meats available.  When I went off to college, to North Carolina State University, I was introduced to eastern style BBQ and some of the finest seafood in the world while tailgating at football games and visits to the coast.  I also met the woman I would marry who is from the Cape Fear area of the state and comes from a long line of incredible cooks, so I’ve sampled some of the best food the state has to offer from one end to the other.  Off The Hook BBQ Sauce is the perfect flavor to add to any grilled meat you want to eat and also offers some the best all natural flavor North Carolina has to offer.

Ron Dalton, Lake Lure,NC

I love bbq…growing up in Oklahoma, bbq was brisket, smoked to perfection and then enjoyed.  Living in North Carolina now, bbq is pulled pork…what to do???  There’s only one thing that I’ve found to be consistent in my enjoyment of good bbq and that’s OFF THE HOOK BBQ SAUCE!!!  Only one bottle made me a believer and I immediately ordered a gallon.  Absolutely the most wonderful bbq sauce I’ve ever enjoyed on beef or pork and I don’t plan on ever using anything else!

L. Odell, Charlotte,NC